Why Tyre Maintenance

Why Tyre Maintenance

At Tyre Maintenance we believe proactive tyre maintenance not only prevents off-site breakdowns but also saves you time and money and as such each of our depots offer essential husbandry services including minor or major repairs, regrooving, tyre rotations, pressure checks, torque checks and wheel balancing. 

What We Offer at Tyre Maintenance

Tyre Fittings

All tyres are fitted with care by our experienced tyre technicians using the latest fitting technology. Our machinery can safely fit car tyres up to 26” so you can rest assured that your alloy wheels are in good hands. DID YOU KNOW we also offer our drive-in service for commercial customers? Don’t wait for a van! Call ahead to save time and pop in to your nearest depot.

Wheel Balancing

Wheels that are out of balance can not only make your vehicle uncomfortable to drive but can also cause premature wear to the tyres and the suspension and steering components. We offer wheel balancing for all car, van and 4x4 vehicles using the latest technology - no appointment necessary for this service, so get your wheels checked today!

24hr Commercial Breakdown Service

We understand the need to keep your downtime to a minimum especially when your fleet is on the move. Safety is our number one priority and our knowledgeable technicians will assess the most efficient way to get you back on your journey as safely as possible. As part of the Continental family our Conti360 Solutions network can provide coverage across Europe. Contact us to find out how we can support your fleet.

Tyre Care

Correct tyre maintenance can significantly prolong the life of your tyres. We offer a range of services that can help you get the most out of your tyres including minor puncture repairs, regrooving, tyre rotation, pressure checks and torque checks.

Tyre Repairs

Any tyre repair carried out by Tyre Maintenance is covered by the British standard BSAU159f:1990. This standard outline specific guidelines to the location of the repair on the tyre and the number of repairs which can be carried out. We will inspect every tyre thoroughly before a repair is carried out and if for example the tyre has an illegal tread depth, previous faulty repairs, exposed cords, bead damage, or any secondary damage we will recommend a new tyre, your safety is our first priority and we will only repair tyres when it is 100% safe to do so.

Fleet Inspection

Regular fleet inspections allow you to monitor the condition of the tyres on your fleet; not only to spot any potential damage but this also enables us to work with you to optimise tyre life through correct tyre management. Our dedicated fleet inspection team will provide the most convenient solution for your fleet. Inspections range from visual checks to in-depth inspections that will report on tread depth, tyre condition, tyre inflation pressures and torque settings. We can tailor inspection schedules to meet your requirements and our experience technicians are always available to offer you advise.

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